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June 8-13, 2014

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IGHR Policies

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The possession, consumption, or distribution of alcoholic beverages on or in University property is prohibited.


  • Abide by the classroom guidelines established by your course coordinator
  • Attend every class session - even if the title doesn't sound relevant to your research, you are bound to learn something useful
  • Be on time and be prepared for class to insure that instruction time is not lost; IGHR courses average 25 hours of student-faculty contact, so every minute is precious
  • Treat the faculty and your fellow students with courtesy and respect
  • Silence cell phones, pagers, and computers during class
  • Participate in class discussions or projects as directed by your instructor; in lecture-style classes, student comments may be limited to requests for clarification
  • If class material reminds you of experiences you'd like to share, use these as springboards for group discussions of research methods and professional practices during break/lunch/evening interactions


  • If you wish to cancel your registration, notification must be received in writing by May 1. An e-mail is acceptable.
  • All cancellations up until May 1 will result in a $75 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation after May 1 will result in forfeiture of all charges; there will be no refunds.
  • Outstanding cancellation charges/fees must be cleared before students will be allowed to register for subsequent years

COURSE 4 (Advanced Methodology) PAPER

If you do not meet one of the prerequisites but would like to enroll in the advanced course, you may submit a paper demonstrating skill level in research, documentation, and evidence evaluation.   If you choose to submit a work sample for evaluation, your registration is conditional.   Your proposed paper must be submitted within 30 days of your tentative registration.   It will be promptly evaluated to determine readiness for the class.   If the proposed paper has not been received within this 30-day window, your slot may be released to another qualified applicant.   No papers can be accepted for review after 1 March.


Changes from one course to another must be completed three weeks prior to IGHR Sunday.


Course coordinators will warn students who do not follow class or institute guidelines. Students with repeated warnings risk dismissal from the institute and inability to register for future institutes.


  • You must provide your own soap and linens: sheets, pillows, towels, and blankets
  • Housing cost includes meals in the University Cafeteria with box lunches Monday and Tuesday
  • There is no guaranteed access to refrigeration, although we make every effort to request dorms with refrigerators.
  • There is no provision made for early check-in or late check-out
  • There is no provision made for housing on campus either the Saturday night before or Friday night after IGHR
  • Deadline for on-campus housing registration, cancellation, and/or changes is two weeks prior to IGHR Sunday


The Thomason scholarship, which covers the cost of tuition, is awarded annually and is open to anyone currently employed at a library. Applications are due by December 1 of each year and are reviewed by a Samford University Library committee. The winner is announced the following January. The scholarship is not transferrable.


All of the buildings on the Samford University campus, including the dorms, are non-smoking buildings.


  • All charges must be paid in full to secure registration.
  • If you register between January and March 14, full payment must be received by March 14.
  • If you register between March 15 and May 1, full payment must be received by May 1.
  • If you register between May 1 and May 15, full payment must be received by May 15.
  • If fees are not paid in full and received by the deadline date determined by your registration date, your registration will be cancelled. If this occurs, you may request to be added to a wait list.
  • Due to federal compliance regulations, we are unable to accept credit card numbers either over the phone or in person.


Students may place their names on up to two course waiting lists in addition to the on-campus housing list; to join a waiting list, students should provide their name, email, phone, the course(s) they are interested in, and the course they are currently registered in (if applicable). No one will be added to a class from the waiting list after the Friday before IGHR Sunday.

Photos donated by the Samford University Library family