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IGHR Coordinator/Faculty Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Coordinator
  1. Determine the course content including class sessions.
    The IGHR Director will combine all courses into one schedule. If there are conflicts, she will solve the conflict with the agreement of all coordinators involved.
  2. Select faculty for each class.
    May contact faculty or request IGHR Director to contact.
  3. Select textbooks for the course.
  4. Determine class limit (cannot be less than 20)
  5. Determine any prerequisites (prerequisites are not required for all courses).
  6. Send copies of any letters, forms, or instructions for class members that should be included in registration confirmation letter. Information needed by October 10.
Responsibilities of Coordinators and Faculty Members
  1. Send syllabus or handout materials to the IGHR Secretary. Material may be sent as electronic or print format. There is no limit to number of handouts or to size. Information needed by May 1.
  2. Send a brief biography and an extended biography to the IGHR Secretary. The brief bio is for the brochure and the lengthy bio is for the web page.
  3. Notify us of media needs. Media includes overhead projector, computers, etc.
  4. A W-9 is needed the first time a faculty member participates in IGHR. The IGHR Secretary will send a blank W-9 to the faculty member. Accounting will keep the initial W-9 on file for future conferences.

At orientation, faculty members receive a notebook with includes the schedule and syllabus for each course in which s/he teaches.   Also included are a list of attendees, information on evening sessions, and biographical material on each faculty member.

Forms are available for all information requested above.